Master's degree program historic keyboard instruments

Christoph Hammer,
professor for historic keyboard instruments at the LMC

The Leopold Mozart Center for Music at the Augsburg University announces a new master´s degree program: from fall 2018 on students can apply for a MA in „Historic keyboard instruments with an emphasis on fortepiano“.

This graduate degree is designed for outstanding international students who completed a Bachelor´s degree in modern piano, harpsichord, organ or fortepiano and have a genuine interest in a deeper concentration on period keyboard instruments, especially fortepiano,

The degree will focus on keyboard literature and chamber music of the second half of the 18th century up to the early romantic period. Individual design are basically possible.

Besides the main work on artistic interpretation of music on the highest level there will be also a strong focus on acquiring a broader knowledge in history of music and culture and a concentration on deepening improvisational skills and harmonic thinking.

new replica of a Walter fortepiano (Wien c 1780)
by Robert Brown

Historic keyboard instruments

The Leopold Mozart Center provides for students a new replica of a Walter fortepiano (Wien c 1780) by Robert Brown (Oberndorf bei Salzburg) and an original 6-1/2-octave fortepiano by Conrad Graf (Vienna, c 1823). Other early keyboard instruments include two Italian harpsichords and two 2-manual harpsichords after Hemsch and Blanchet, two organs and a clavichord after Silbermann.

As close cooperation partners the “Christa und Reinhold Buhl Stiftung“ with its exceptional collection of fortepianos ( and the “Greifenberger Institut für Instrumentenkunde“ ( will share their instruments and knowledge and will provide additional possibilities for regular workshops, seminaries and concerts.

City of Music Augsburg

The Leopold Mozart Center for Music of the Augsburg University is located right in the heart of one of the most important and beautiful historic cities of Germany with its rich cultural heritage. Being part of a major university opens unique possibilities of interdisciplinary studies and projects. Besides an artistic training on the highest level there is a chance for creative and inspired students for a broader cultural and general education in the spirit of Leopold Mozart.


Interested students can receive more information through our homepage, but please also feel free to contact Prof. Christoph Hammer directly (

Deadline for applications is April 30, 2018 - Auditions will take place in the first weeks of June.

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