If you compress the spring, it will snap back hard


Andreas Bock/ Ingo Henneberg/ Friedrich Plank: “If you compress the spring, it will snap back hard”: The Ukrainian crisis and the balance of threat theory, in: International Journal 70: 1, 101-109|pdf|


The narrative of an aggressive and neoimperialist Russia that has dominated analyses of the 2014 Ukrainian crisis lacks theoretical rigour. We argue that a sustainable transformation of the Ukrainian crisis requires an accurate analysis of the context of theconflict, which should include anunderstanding of Moscow’s perception of the threats to its interests. This policy brief develops a theoretical understanding of the Ukrainiancrisis through the lens of Stephen M. Walt’s balance of threat theory. We conclude that a realist analysis will help to explain Russian actions.


Ukraine, Ukrainian crisis, Crimean crisis, balancing behaviour, balance of threat, threat, perception