The Leopold Mozart Centre for Music and Music Education at the University of Augsburg


The Leopold Mozart Centre for Music and Music Education is an institute belonging to the University of Augsburg. It links research and teaching in the disciplines of Music Education, Musicology and Music Therapy with musical artistic training at conservatory level, and thus occupies a special position among German institutions of higher education.

The Leopold Mozart Centre, with its current staff of 43 professors and lecturers, was founded in 2008. It arose from a fusion of the disciplines of Music Education and Musicology, which were already well established at the University of Augsburg, and large parts of the Augsburg branch of the former Nuremberg-Augsburg College of Music.

The Centre, which is part of the university’s Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences, consists of three institutes:

Since the winter semester of 2008/2009 the Leopold Mozart Centre has offered a range of top-level courses of international standard that can be combined with diverse arts and education science profiles. These courses are geared towards a wide spectrum of professional fields of activity and thereby open up excellent career opportunities:

One special feature of this innovative range of courses is the choice of specialisations, such as intercultural music education, elements of music therapy for people with special needs, making music in the classroom, jazz/pop/music media or musicology/theory of music. These courses take the challenges and requirements of contemporary music education and music therapy into account and are pioneering in the way in which they make use of the wide variety of opportunities a university has to offer (complementary activities in other departments such as Philosophy, Education Science, History, Psychology, etc., cultural events, contacts, sports courses, use of central resources etc.).

The emphasis on artistic training allows students with outstanding artistic achievement to complete a postgraduate degree in “Master of Music (performing arts)” in cooperation with a music conservatory.

The Leopold Mozart Centre is currently located at three different sites:

By 2011 the institutes of the Leopold Mozart Centre, together with the department of Art Education, are to be housed in a planned new building on campus (

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