Socio Economy of the Working and Professional Environment

The teaching and research activities of the professorship for socio economy of the working and professional environment focus on the fields of the development of work, technology and organisation of companies.

The main aspect of our research is to explore the limits to technicalisation and planning as well as the role of implicit experience-based knowledge and experience-guided subjectifying action in situations or events which cannot be planned or are unforseeable. We have been launching publicly-funded research projects on the following topics, in most cases in cooperation with industrial enterprises.

New forms of

Furthermore, the professorship is taking an active part in the research project 536 (SFB 536) “Reflexive Modernisation – Modernising the Modern” (“Reflexive Modernisierung – die Modernisierung der Moderne”) conducted by the University of Munich. This project centers on the examination of society’s changed ways of dealing with knowledge based on experience.

Publications, among others:

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