As for sociology, this is a science designed to study relationships between human beings, as well as of social structures and of social change. Regarding our specific research activities we are trying to understand and explain the causes (according to classical sociologist Max Weber,) of mutual actions as well as omissions of actors. Studying sociology primarily means, practising a “sociological view” which hopefully is able to grasp different perspectives within social structures. Taking such a view does not only require a well-trained individual observing capacity, but also a set of tools for systematically recording, understanding and explaining social facts: these tools comprise methods and techniques of quantitative and qualitative empirical social research. Since sociology is dealing with different types of social relationships, it is interested in any type of field where human beings are getting into contact, i.e. in private life-worlds, in different patterns of life, such as in families (sociology of family), in economy, in work, any kinds of professions (sociology of the economy, work and professions), in religion (sociology of religion), in science (sociology of science and technology) or cities (sociology of city life), to name but a few examples.

Below, please find a list of our social sciences study courses to which sociology contributes to a considerable extent.

Study Courses

  • Social Sciences (Bachelor)
  • Social Conflicts and Political Integration (Master)
  • Sociology (Major and minor BA course 'Magister Artium': will be discontinued)

The above study courses, as far as their sociological content is concerned, are shaped by the following teaching fields with their respective research activities:

Teaching fields and research focus:

Socio economy of the working and professional environment (Prof. Dr. Fritz Böhle)

Sociology of work and industry, cultural sociology

Sociology and empirical social research (Prof. Dr. Helmut Giegler)

Empirical social research, sociology of life styles, sociology of city life, regional sociology, population research

Sociology (Prof. Dr. Christoph Lau) (verlinkt: Lau)

Sociological theory, sociology of science and technology, sociology of knowledge, environmental sociology

Sociology with regard to social studies (Prof. Dr. Werner Schneider)

Sociology of private life forms (in particular family, couples), life course (in particular sociology of childhood and youth) and gender, sociology of knowledge, discourse research, sociology of death and dying, sociology of education