School pedagogy at the University of Augsburg presents itself



The subject of school pedagogy is pedagogic and didactic acting provided by the social institution school in a historical, systematic, and comparative view.

It analyses the origin, history, function, and the organisational structure of school in society, it deals with the development of school subjects, the canon of subjects, and of the curriculum, it tackles the policy of school and education, it treats the regulations of school law and school administration, it looks into the specific problems of various types of school and grades of school, it takes into consideration the status of professionalised teachers, of pupils, of the pupils` parents, and other persons connected to school, and deals with all questions and problems of teaching and of school life in theory and practise.

For this reason it constitutes theories starting, as a rule, with experiences at school and investigating them with quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Reference: Wiater, Werner (2010): Unterrichten und Lernen in der Schule. Eine Einführung in die Didaktik, Donauwörth, S. 13