Counceling teacher

Extended Studies:  “Counseling Teacher”

(in accordance with § 111 LPO 2008) at the University of Augsburg


At the Chair of School Pedagogy at the University of Augsburg the instruction to become a counseling teacher is carried out as an extended form of studies based on the study of educational sciences for prospective teachers in cooperation with the Chair of psychology. The qualification “counseling teacher” as an extension of the teacher training courses can be acquired within the master of education degree courses at the University of Augsburg. The extended studies include subjects such as psychology and school pedagogics as well as internships at centers of school counseling, at centers for counseling dealing with “Bildungs”* and educational issues and sitting-ins on classes at various types of schools. Students acquire fundamental and applicable knowledge of pedagogical fields of counseling at school (counseling concerning the school career, pedagogic-psychological counseling, and counseling for other teachers) and this course enables them also to cooperate with other counseling services. Students reach the required competences by theoretical, situational, and experimental learning.