Children and adolescents with special needs

Additional Qualification:  Support of Pupils with Special Needs

(§110d old LPO/§116 new LPO I 13th March 2008)


The Chair of School Pedagogy offers an additional qualification (§116) “Support of Pupils with Special Needs” to prospective teachers which concludes with the final university degree required for the teaching profession. This qualification has the aim to provide knowledge about the legal foundations for individual support as well as about the reasons and manifestations of learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, and exceptionalities in learning. In addition to that further knowledge can be acquired about the diagnostic instruments used to diagnose special needs, about the possibilities of support based on and accompanied by observation, as well as possibilities of cooperation with advisory boards at or outside schools. Moreover profound knowledge is provided about the educational offers for children with special needs and as well as knowledge about the possibilities of advice (causes for the counseling, the course the counseling takes, the discourse of communication during the counseling and so on) This additional qualification is meant to enable teachers to support their pupils individually and in a differentiated way in heterogeneous classes.  In the long run the aim of an inclusive education for all pupils in general education classrooms should be achieved.