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"1989" and Educational Media

The annual conference of the Society took place from September 26 to 28, 2014, in the Research Library for the History of Education in Berlin. About 40 participants from nine countries dealt with the impact of “1989” on educational media – “1989” seen as cipher for the big political changes in Middle and Eastern Europe, often described as “Peaceful Revolution” or as “Wende” (turn).

The focus was firstly on the different production conditions and the societal challenges for authors and publishers of educational media, for example in Poland, Romania, and Serbia. The second focus lay on changes concerning the contents of textbooks for different subjects, which resulted from the political and societal changes in the relevant countries, including the GDR, for example in textbooks for local and general history, English, chemistry, and geography. Finally, the lectures dealt with perspectives on the reunified Germany and the changing Europe in textbooks from countries, which had not directly been effected by the overthrows, for example Switzerland, Finland, Norway, and Italy.
Conference program

The interesting and varied lectures inspired intensive discussions among the participants.

Conference Volume