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Scholars from eleven countries debate methodological issues
Conference on schoolbook and educational media research in Brno

Content analysis, discourse analysis, questionnaire-based surveys – these and others methods and tools of research on textbooks were at the center of interest at this year’s conference of the International Society for Historical and Systematic Research on Schoolbooks held at Masaryk University at Brno in the Czech Republic. From September 27 to 29, 2013, over 30 scholars from 11 different countries presented their research in six sections: historical content analysis, schoolbook analysis from a subject-related didactical perspective, linguistic and discourse analysis, evaluation research, use research and impact research. 
Conference program

Even though the focus was on methods, the school subjects involved and the particular topics covered were often presented in sufficient detail to convey a vivid impression of the concrete work to the public of over 50 conference participants. The international nature of the exchange was highlighted by a considerable number of presentations and debate contributions in English in addition to those in German. The conference was organized by a team headed by Petr Knecht of Masaryk University. 

Conference Volume