Prof. Maurice Hamers


Professur für Blasorchesterleitung


Professor Maurice Hamers was born in Valkenburg, The Netherlands, in 1962. He studied conducting and trumpet at the University of Maastricht. He was 19 years of age when he began conducting fanfare, symphonic and brass bands, winning seven National Championships. Brass Band Limburg won the National Championships on two occasions and gained a creditable third prize at the European Brass Band Championships, held in Montreux in 1994, under his direction. He was awarded the coverted "Silver Baton" at the World Music Contest "Conducting Competition", in Kerkrade, in 1989.

Prof. Hamers was appointed principal conductor/director of the Marine Band of the Royal Dutch Navy, based in Rotterdam, in 1995, where he produced many recordings. The band, under his direction, was awarded in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw with a Platinum Prize for their C.D. "Homage to St. Petersburg". 

 Prof. Hamers, in 2000, took the academic post of Professor of Conducting and Intrumentation at the University of Nürnberg-Augsburg, in Germany, aswell as the post of conductor of the university´s famous, and multi-talented symphonic band. He is, now, Professor of Conducting and Instrumentation at the "Bläserinstitut" at the University of Augsburg. His pedagogy is world renown for its insight and inspiration. One of his conducting students, Mattius Wehr from Germany, won the conducting competition, held as part of the European Brass Band Championships in Stavanger, 2008.

 Prof. Hamers career, as a composer, began in 1991, at the European Brass Band Championships, when his composition "Chameleon", for Eb tuba and brass band, won first prize in the entertainment section for the best international solo composition. He has, since, composed works for fanfare bands, which include "New Life", "Apparition", "The Sky is the Limit", "Babylon" and "Waterman". His compositions for symphonic band include "El Conquistador" and "Chakra". "Chakra" was played by the famous West Austria Winds (Vorarlberg) at the World Music Contest 2005 (Kerkrade) who, with this composition, gained third place. This ensemble have, since, recorded "Chakra" on a splended D.V.D. His composition "Die Alpen" for brass band was a commission for the Swiss Open Brass Band Championships held in September, 2008.

Prof. Hamers, in addition to his teaching and composition schedule, is in great demand as a guest conductor of professional international symphonic bands, and as an adjudicator for international competitions. He is renown for his master classes in the "Art of Conducting and Intrumentation". His philosophy is that of an "Eternal Student" and expects all musicians to encompass the aforementioned philosophy.